Capture the EV Opportunity

The benefits of electrification for fleet operators are many. An EV fleet means lower operating costs, government incentives and tax credits, and a brand enhanced through sustainability. And that’s just for starters.

But joining the EV revolution is not without its challenges. Grid limitations must be eliminated, charging station accessibility must be assured, and charging times need to be much faster.
With the ZOOZ Kinetic Power Booster all this is possible, and much more.

With ultra-fast, ultra-green, ultra-cost-efficient charging, even where the power infrastructure is weak, fleet operators can finally achieve their EV goals and capture the opportunity.

Fleets on the ZOOZ

Accelerate fleet electrification

by eliminating connectivity limitations and the need for infrastructure upgrades

Increase fleet utilization

with ultra-fast charging that’s accessible even where the grid infrastructure is weak

Assure maximum flexibility

with easy-to-use charging and compatibility with all EV types and chargers

Avoid high demand charges

with energy management
that reduces total cost of ownership

Defer investments

with a system lifetime at 15-years and zero replacements required

Enhance brand equity

with zero-carbon fleets that support sustainability goals

Are you ready for fast charging anywhere?

Get in touch and let’s ZOOZ!