Automotive OEMs

Electrification with No Limits

The push to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions is on, with governments all over the world working to align climate, energy, and mobility policies.

And for automotive OEMs the race is on to meet the demands of this new reality and to win the hearts and share of wallet of EV drivers.

But first, they will need to overcome some tough challenges, such as alleviating range anxiety, expanding the charging network for greater accessibility, and delivering faster charging times than are typically available today.

The ZOOZ Kinetic Power Booster is here to eliminate these challenges and to help OEMs capture the opportunity, and market share.

Electrification with No Limits

Win the Race with ZOOZ

Accelerate DCFC roll out

by eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming grid upgrades

Increase market share

by offering high-speed
charging where previously unavailable

Attract hesitant customers

with an extensive network of ultra-fast EV charging stations anywhere they’re needed

Achieve a Fast Time to Market

with simple, quick, and flexible charging system setup

Assure product differentiation

with a highly accessible network of reliable ultra-fast charging stations

Reduce TCO

with a one-time investment over 15 years and zero replacements required

Are you ready for fast charging anywhere?

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