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Kinetic Power Booster
Enabling ultra-fast EV charging, anywhere.

The ZOOZTER™-100

Today’s EV charging networks are limited by existing grid infrastructure and high demand charges leading to insufficient charging network deployment.

Our Kinetic Power Boosters are built to eliminate these limitations and empower the EV revolution with complete sustainability today.

kinetic battery charger



Provide better service,
Drive more revenues

operational costs

sustainability goals


ZOOZ: under the hood

The ZOOZTER™-100, based on proprietary flywheel technology, enables ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles while
overcoming grid limitations. Drawing grid power when available and providing sustained bursts of energy when needed. With its unlimited high-power charge and discharge cycles and 15-year lifespan without degradation, recycling or replacement needs, the ZOOZTER™-100 guarantees a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

The ZOOZTER™-100 is produced with a focus on safety, reliability, sustainability, and robustness. It does not contain toxic
chemicals or rare earth materials, and has a minimal carbon footprint in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Take your EV Charging Network

The opportunity for charge point operators (CPOs) to accelerate the EV revolution and grow the business has never been greater. Consumer demand for accessible and longer-range EV charging is continually on the rise, with 120 million EVs expected to be on the road by 2030…

Charge Point Operators

Capture the EV Opportunity

The benefits of electrification for fleet operators are many. An EV fleet means lower operating costs, government incentives and tax credits, and a brand enhanced through sustainability. And that’s just for starters.

But joining the EV revolution is not without its challenges…

Capture the EV Opportunity

Join the EV Charging Revolution

If you own or run a hotel, parking lot, airport, shopping mall, or any other real estate that welcomes visitors, travelers, and consumers you need to be ready.

The EV revolution is here and whether or not you can offer an EV charging service may be the make or break of new and….

Join the EV Charging Revolution

Electrification with No Limits

The push to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions is on, with governments all over the world working to align climate, energy, and mobility policies.

And for automotive OEMs the race is on to meet the demands of this new reality and to win the hearts and share of wallet of EV…

Electrification with No Limits

Put the ZOOZ on Electrification

Utility operators all over the world are gearing up for the EV revolution, asking key strategic questions such as: how will we handle the increase in charge load demand without overwhelming the grid? And: how can we manage changes in peak charging times and load curves?..

Put the ZOOZ on Electrification

Already Boosting with ZOOZ

Dor Alon, Afcon, Route 4, Israel

GACK Herrenberg, Germany

Reiskrichen, Germany

Weiterstadt, GermanyComing Soon

McShape, Germany

Ospray, Luton, UK

Dor Alon, “ON”, 6 North, Israel

Dor Alon, “ON”, 6 South, Israel

Are you ready for fast charging anywhere?

Get in touch and let’s ZOOZ!

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