Boost for Good

ZOOZ Power’s first-of-its-kind Kinetic Power Booster enables cost-effective ultra-fast EV charging anywhere, while overcoming grid limitations and supporting sustainability goals.


Are you ready for ultra-green, ultra-fast charging anywhere?
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Good for your business

Just imagine – no more grid limitations. No more infrastructure upgrade bureaucracy. No more replacing batteries.

All you need is the ZOOZ Kinetic Power Booster, The ZOOZTER™, based on our innovative flywheel technology, and you’re ready to go with cost-effective, ultra-fast charging anywhere.

With ZOOZ you’ll:

  • Overcome grid limitations so you can build ultra-fast charging networks anywhere
  • Accelerate rollout
  • Significantly reduce TCO with a 1x investment over 15 years
  • Generate more revenues with cost-effective, ultra-fast charging of multiple EVs in parallel
  • Meet sustainability goals with a system that is easily recycled, and which emits 23x less KG of CO2 per kWh
Good for your business

Good for the planet

We believe in sustainability without compromise. That’s why we built our Kinetic Power Booster to be intrinsically green using low carbon, non-toxic, and non-rare materials. This way, it assures a significantly lower carbon footprint compared with chemical battery offerings that require frequent replacements and serves as a transformative force in the EV revolution.

What’s more, the ZOOZ Power booster:

  • Integrates with any power source, including renewable energy
  • Reduces the carbon footprint by up to 23x for every kWh compared to chemical batteries
  • Assures longevity with a 15-year system lifetime and zero replacements required
  • Boosts existing grid power by up to 3x
  • Aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals
Good for the planet

Future proof your charging network


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charge cycles


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ZOOZ: under the hood

The ZOOZTER™ is a state-of-the-art power booster designed to enable ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles in locations with limited grid capabilities. It draws energy from the existing grid, stores it, and provides sustained bursts of energy to enable ultra-fast charging. The ZOOZTER-100 provides over 200,000 high-power charge and discharge cycles with no degradation, recycling or replacement needs over a 15-year lifespan resulting in a significantly low total cost of ownership.

ZOOZ in action

Together with Wien Energie, ZOOZ deployed Vienna International Airport’s first ever kinetic powered charging station.

The ZOOZ system is boosting available grid power and enabling fast EV charging at the arrivals parking lot, with up to 75 kW of power. And all this without the need for an infrastructure upgrade.

zooz in action

Premier Inn, the UK’s largest hotel brand, deployed ZOOZ for its property in Leipzig, Germany. With the ZOOZ system, the hotel is no longer bound by the limitations of the city center’s local power grid, and is enabling its visitors with convenient, fast, and sustainable EV charging.

Zooz in action

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