Put the ZOOZ on Electrification

Utility operators all over the world are gearing up for the EV revolution, asking key strategic questions such as: how will we handle the increase in charge load demand without overwhelming the grid? And: how can we manage changes in peak charging times and load curves?

There’s no doubt – electrification is great news for the planet, but what about the business?

With the ZOOZ Kinetic Power Booster, there’s great news for both, bringing ultra-green, ultra-fast, charging anywhere. And for utility operators it assures the health of the grid and delivers greater energy security with peak shaving, power trading, grid stabilization, and more.

Give your Grid a Boost

Accelerate electrification

by eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming grid upgrades

Improve grid stability

by absorbing peak loads and assuring a less stressed and healthy grid

Reduce costs

with efficient energy management that prevents high demand charges

Defer investments

with a system lifetime at 15-years and zero replacements required

Expand the Service Offering

with easy-to-use, accessible, and reliable EV charging

Assure compliance

with government climate targets by deploying a 100% sustainable solution

Are you ready for fast charging anywhere?

Get in touch and let’s ZOOZ!