Property Owners

Join the EV Charging Revolution

If you own or run a hotel, parking lot, airport, shopping mall, or any other real estate that welcomes visitors, travelers, and consumers you need to be ready.

The EV revolution is here and whether or not you can offer an EV charging service may be the make or break of new and returning customers.

To keep up and make sure that customers keep coming, EV charging is a must. But meeting this mandate in a way that is viable for the business, means that rolling out the service must be done in a way that’s seamless and cost effective.

This is where the ZOOZ Kinetic Power Booster comes in.

Roll with ZOOZ

Accelerate Roll Out

of fast-charging services by avoiding typical grid limitations

Attract EV-Drivers

to drive traffic
and generate revenues

Offer Flexible Charging Options

with configurations for any indoor
and outdoor environment

Achieve cost efficiency

with energy management that prevents high demand charges

Differentiate the Brand

by offering highly accessible
ultra-fast charging

Benefit from Incentives

offered by the government for meeting sustainability goals

Are you ready for fast charging anywhere?

Get in touch and let’s ZOOZ!