Proprietary Flywheel
Technology for EV Charging

EVs need a reliable and affordable charging option. Flywheel Power Boosters are an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly solution to accelerate ultra-fast charging roll-out, defer investments, drive more revenue and improve service.

sustainable power booster

How do Flywheel Power Boosters Work?

First, ZOOZTER-100 is connected to the grid, using a standard 3-phase connection.

This energy is then used to accelerate several flywheel modules made up of a mass that rotates around an axis and, by using patented “frictionless” levitation at 17,000 RPM, stores it as kinetic energy.

Once an EV is plugged into the charger, the flywheel decelerates while converting the kinetic energy back into electrical energy, and then into the EV charger, increasing available grid power by up to 100 Kilowatts and providing the boost necessary for ultra-fast charging – in minutes!

The flywheel passes through 3 main phases:

  • Acceleration – The flywheel’s integrated motor accelerates the flywheel’s rotation to a very high speed, converting the electrical energy from the grid to kinetic energy stored in the flywheel.

  • Levitation – Once the flywheel is fully charged, it needs only minimal energy to maintain speed through the power of inertia. Reduced friction is crucial here to ensure minimal energy loss.

  • Deceleration – The integrated motor/generator slows the flywheel’s rotation converting the stored kinetic energy to electrical energy. The energy is then discharged quickly to the connected ultra-fast charging system through the local grid.

Battery VS. Flywheel

Battery Flywheel
Mechanism of storing energy Chemical reactions Kinetic energy
Charge/discharge cycles before end of life A few thousand Practically unlimited
Practically unlimited Yes No
Manufacturing and disposal Environmentally-harmful Environmentally friendly
Physical size per unit of energy Smaller Larger
C-Rate (ratio between Power and Capacity) <1 (slow charge/recharge) >4 (fast charge / recharge)

Meet the ZOOZTERTM-100

  • Simple

  • Flexible

  • Fast

  • Green

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