The world’s first kinetic power booster for ultra-fast EV charging

Meet The ZOOZTER™-100

As the number of EVs continues to rise, drivers have an acute need for ultra-fast EV charging on the go wherever they travel.

The ZOOZTERTM-100 is a kinetic power booster built with our patented flywheel technology. It delivers ultra-fast charging in virtually any location, providing independence from the grid and an experience that both customers and operators love.

ZOOZ Power solves the ultra-fast charging problem. Our power boosters help you:

kinetic power

Accelerate rollout

of ultra-fast chargers and provide a simple, fast and flexible charging solution for any electrical grid setup

kinetic battery

Reduce costs

with smart peak-shaving algorithms, while still providing a premium charging experience

power booster

Prioritize safety

Operates in any temperature without fire or chemical leakage hazard

charging booster

Meet sustainability goals

supports zero carbon goals through responsible production and consumption using neither toxic nor rare earth materials

How It Works

The ZOOZTERTM-100 connects to the grid using a standard 3-phase connection, which means it can be installed even in remote areas with an underdeveloped grid.

power booster

The ZOOZ power booster uses a steel flywheel that rotates up to 17,000 rounds per minute.

charging booster

The flywheel levitates on magnetic bearings in a sealed vacuum environment, minimizing friction and energy loss while significantly extending the efficiency and life time of the flywheel.

kinetic power booster

The ZOOZ power booster provides >200,000 high power charge and discharge cycles, with over a 15- year lifespan.

kinetic energy charger

ZOOZ in action

ZOOZ Power and Blink Charging partner to accelerate the deployment of ultra-fast EV charging stations in the US.

The partnership comes on the heels of significant agreements with the New York Power Authority, a leading global car rental company, and Arko, one of the largest convenience store operators in the US.

Premier Inn, the UK’s largest hotel brand, deployed ZOOZ for its property in Leipzig, Germany. With the ZOOZ system, the hotel is no longer bound by the limitations of the city center’s local power grid, and is enabling its visitors with convenient, fast, and sustainable EV charging.

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