Shaping the Future of EV Charging: Efficiency, Speed, and User Experience

In the competitive landscape of EV charging, minimal wait times and an ultra-fast charging experience are paramount to a successful business. Customers demand quick and efficient service. Long waits or unavailability lead to skipped visits, negatively impacting your brand and leading to revenue loss.

Charging stations need an effective solution to enhance efficiency and prevent idle chargers without incurring high demand charges. That’s exactly where power boosters like the ZOOZTERTM-100 come into play. They’re not just a luxury, but an essential tool to meet customer expectations and secure your place in the rapidly evolving EV charging market.

The Ticking Clock: Wait Time as a Determining Factor

The moment a driver pulls into an EV charging station, the clock starts ticking. In today’s fast-paced world, the average driver is only willing to wait 5-15 minutes for a charge. If they need to wait any longer, they are likely to leave, taking their business to competitors and leaving them with the taste of a negative brand experience.

EV drivers expect the efficiency of a traditional gas station—a quick stop to fill up before getting right back on the road. Every time a driver leaves due to unavailability or excessive wait times, you lose revenue. 

The need for speed and efficiency is critical to a successful EV charging experience.

Charging Efficiency: Beyond Single Car Scenarios

Often, when a single vehicle occupies the charging station, the performance is optimal. But what happens when multiple vehicles line up for a charge? Does the efficiency drop, does the charge time lengthen?

During peak times, this is a critical concern. The station’s performance can wane significantly under heavy use, extending charge times. This increased wait can deter drivers, exacerbating the issue of skipped visits and lost revenue. Just like during off-peak hours, swift and efficient service is a necessity, not a luxury—even in high-demand scenarios. Balancing service speed and efficiency across all usage levels is a crucial aspect of delivering a consistently positive EV charging experience.

ZOOZTERTM-100 in Action: A Study in Charging Efficiency

In a 200-day simulation of a charging station equipped with a 100 kW grid input, four charging points, and an average utilization of 30 cars per day, a power booster provides significant benefits in enhancing station efficiency and the user experience. 

The ZOOZTERTM-100, provides an additional 100 kW of boosting power, led to a 27% reduction in the average dwell time at the station and decreased skipped cars due to high wait times by 51%.

Case 1 – Using the ZOOZTER to improve efficiency and driver experience

In the same simulation, the power booster augments the total energy output of the station. When maintaining the average waiting time, the ZOOZTERTM-100 amplifies the station’s utilization by over 40%.
In the following chart, we can see an example of typical car arrivals and departures on a typical day with the above assumptions, with 40% more charged cars along the day.

It’s All About the Charging Experience

Whether it’s the early morning commuter, the mid-day errand-runner, or the late-night road tripper, your station needs to deliver consistently superior service. Remember, your customers aren’t just charging their vehicles—they’re choosing an experience. Make sure it’s one that keeps them coming back!

The ZOOZTERTM-100, with its ability to enhance efficiency and reduce wait times, stands as a critical tool to elevate that experience. Interested in learning more about how the ZOOZTERTM-100 can transform your charging station? Contact our team today for more information. Together, let’s shape the future of EV charging.