ZOOZ Power and Blink Charging partner to accelerate the deployment of ultra-fast EV charging stations in the US

The partnership comes on the heels of significant agreements with the New York Power Authority, a leading global car rental company, and Arko, one of the largest convenience store operators in the US.

ZOOZ POWER, the leader in flywheel-based power boosting solutions announced a partnership with Blink Charging Co., (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW), a global leading owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services. The partnership appoints Blink as an official U.S. distributor of ZOOZ Power. Together, the companies will accelerate the deployment of ultra-fast EV charging stations based on ZOOZ’s patented flywheel-based power booster, overcoming the challenge of building adequate infrastructure where the grid is power-constrained.

Ultra-fast charging with ZOOZ Power charges an EV in 15 minutes even with a severely constrained power grid. This approach solves several major problems: the need of EV owners to recharge on-the-go in a reasonable time to overcome range anxiety, the desire of charge point operators to quickly deploy ultra-fast charging stations, and the common lack of grid infrastructure that can adequately support the power requirements of EV chargers.

ZOOZ solves this problem with its ZOOZTER-100™ system, based on its patented flywheel technology. This system delivers practically unlimited high-power charge and discharge cycles with no degradation over its 15-year guaranteed lifespan. Compared to solutions based on chemical batteries, the ZOOZ system delivers far more charge cycles, offers a dramatically smaller carbon footprint, and significantly lowers the total cost of ownership.

“This is an exciting time in the advancement of reliable energy solutions, and we are proud to continue our cooperation with ZOOZ Power and to support its ability to reduce dependency on the electrical grid and provide ultra-fast, carbon-neutral EV charging stations almost anywhere,” said Michael D. Farkas, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Blink Charging. “As the demand for convenient and accessible long-range EV charging grows, it is imperative that we provide EV drivers with dependable and sustainable solutions and in cooperation with ZOOZ, we provide just that.”

“We are very excited to strengthen and step-up our cooperation with Blink Charging, a leading EV-charging company with presence in the US and 25 countries worldwide,” says Boaz Weizer, CEO of ZOOZ Power. “The agreement with Blink is another significant milestone in our penetration into the US market, following our milestone agreements with the NY Power Authority, with a leading global car rental company, and with ARKO Corp., one of the largest convenience store operators in the US. We look forward to signing additional partnership agreements in and outside the US, as we work to accelerate the global EV revolution”

This partnership agreement follows a four-year collaboration between and ZOOZ Power, supported by the BIRD foundation (US-Israel Bilateral R&D). The first joint installation will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The pilot site is currently under construction, expected to become operational in Q2 2023.

ZOOZ Power will demonstrate its breakthrough charging solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.

For the official PR: https://blinkcharging.com/news/blink-charging-collaborates-with-zooz-power-to-distribute-state-of-the-art-ultra-fast-ev-charging-solutions-in-the-u-s-reducing-dependency-on-grid/?locale=en