ZOOZ Power completes a significant milestone in its penetration to the American market

ultra-fast EV charging anywhere

ZOOZ Power (“ZOOZ”) has successfully completed the certification process, in accordance with the UL standards, of its newest Power Booster, the ZOOZTER™-100 system, which is aimed to enable the establishment of ultra-fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, despite power limitations of the electricity grid at the charging site.

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ZOOZ Power (TASE: ZOOZ) is pleased to announce that, as part of its reported collaboration with a global leading provider of car rental services, the company has placed the ZOOZTER™-100 system at the pilot site – the rental station at LaGuardia Airport in New York – and successfully completed the final tests (Field evaluation) required as the final step of the system’s UL certification process.

Completing the UL certification process is an important milestone that will allow ZOOZ to proceed with its planned US pilot installations of the ZOOZTER™-100 and to accelerate its marketing efforts in the US. The company expects that presenting the system’s unique solution in these pilot sites, will lead to additional collaborations and will generate a backlog of orders in the American market.

The company is awaiting the completion of the LaGuardia pilot site preparation (works are the responsibility of the rental company), ahead of system integration with the ultra fast-charging equipment, expecting the pilot to be launched in the coming weeks.

About ZOOZ Power Ltd.

ZOOZ is a leading provider of Flywheel-based Power Boosting solutions enabling ultra-green, ultra-fast electric vehicle charging anywhere.

ZOOZ is committed to eliminating range anxiety and helping to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles around the world. ZOOZ’s goal is to enable the vast roll-out of cost-effective ultra-fast charging infrastructure while sustainably overcoming existing grid limitations.

ZOOZ pioneers its unique flywheel-based power boosting technology, enabling unlimited high-power charge and discharge cycles with a lifespan of more than 15 years, thus providing minimal total cost of ownership for ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure. As ZOOZ’s product is based on kinetic energy storage in flywheels, it is neither toxic nor based on rare earth materials, making it intrinsically safe and sustainable (as opposed to competing batteries-based energy storage solutions).

ZOOZ’s sustainable, power-boosting solutions are built with longevity and the environment in mind, helping its customers and partners create the world’s most sustainable, reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective fast-charging solutions.

Tal Fridkin